For the financial management of the Chair, there is a trust fund presided by an Honorary Committee and a Technical Committee. The Chair invites the guests to participate in two modalities:

  • A course that is open both to specialists and college students, to which people assist by inscription;

  • A Keynote Speech that’s open to the public.

The preservation of the Chair is supported by the generous donations of Gabriel García Márquez and Carlos Fuentes, to which the University of Guadalajara united, granting the Julio Cortázar House, where the guests are received every time they’re invited to participate with the Chair.

This program started with an initial investment of $70,000 USD, and it is sustained with the monthly amount that is given by the writers that we already mentioned. Given the objective of widening the impact in Latin American’s cultural field, diverse benefactors support this outstanding cultural initiative.



In order to diffuse the work that’s been done within the Chair, as well as assuring its permanence, prestige and the solidification of its trust fund, the Chair counts on both Honorary and Emeritus benefactors.

The Emeritus Benefactor assumes the responsibility of contributing to the Chair’s trust fund the amount of $10,000 USD, for which a tax-deductible receipt is extended. On the other hand, the Honorary Benefactor contributes with $5,000 USD, for which a similar document is extended.

Various institutions committed with culture and the development of innovative and contemporary ideas have known how to embrace the dream of Carlos Fuentes and Gabriel García Márquez, thus favoring its growth.


Honorary committee

Aurora Bernárdez, widower of Cortázar

Argentinean. Julio Cortázar’s universal heir and executrix. She was married to him and, after his death, she has engaged in the important task of divulge his unpublished work, along with a part of his correspondence. She’s also a literary critic and has translated to Spanish all of the literary work of the Italian writer Italo Calvino.

Plácido Arango

Mexican businessman. Former president of the Prince of Asturias Foundation. He’s renowned because of his constant and persistent work throughout the world promoting culture.

Belisario Betancur

Colombian. Political scientist and former Colombian President. He’s been a very important individual regarding Latin American politics. He’s also President of the Santillana Foundation.

Bernardo Sepúlveda

Mexican. Former Secretary for Exterior Relations during Miguel de la Madrid’s government. He has held diverse diplomatic positions within the Mexican Government. He was appointed member of the International Court of Justice of La Haya in 2006.

Ignacio de Polanco

President of PRISA group, Spanish consortium of media, with presence in Latin America, Portugal and the United States. He is an Associate Proffesor at the Autonomous University of Madrid, as well as the author of numerous investigations within the field of Economics.


Technical Committee

Gabriel García Márquez

Colombian. Writer, journalist and essayist. Nobel Prize of Literature in 1982.

Carlos Fuentes

Mexican. Writer and essayist. Winner of the Miguel de Cervantes and the Príncipe de Asturias Prizes for Literature. 

Nélida Piñón

Brazilian. Writer and journalist. She has been awarded the following prizes: the Walmap, from Brazil; the Mario de Andrade; the Brazilian Association of Artistic Critics for Best Fiction; the Pen Club; and the Juan Rulfo prize for Literature. Former president of the Brazilian Academy of Literature. Appointed Doctor Honoris Causa by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

Héctor Aguilar Camín

Mexican. He is a historian, narrator and journalist. He received the National Prize for Journalism in 1986 and obtained the Guggenheim Scholarship (1989-90). Winner of the Mazatlán Literature Prize and awarded the Order to Educational and Cultural Merit Gabriela Mistral (Chile, 2001). Founder of Nexos magazine, as well as Cal y Arena publishing house.

Raúl Padilla

Mexican. Former rector of the University of Guadalajara. Founder and President of the International Book Fair of Guadalajara and the FIL Romance Languages Literature Prize. General coordinator of the Chair of Latin American Studies.

Tomás Eloy Martínez (†)

Argentinean. Writer. He has collaborated with various journals in Argentina, Venezuela and México, as a movie critic, editor-in-chief, director or founder. Nowadays, he is a permanent columnist for the journals La Nación (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and The New York Times Syndicate.

Sergio Ramírez

Nicaraguan. Writer and political activist, opponent of Somoza’s government. He was vicepresident of the Sandinist Front of National Liberation (1984). He has been awarded the Alfaguara International Prize for Novel, the Laure-Bataillon Prize for Best Foreign Novel and the Latin American José María Arguedas Prize.

Julio Ortega

Peruvian. Latin American contemporary literary critic. He has given courses at both European and Latin American universities. He’s a professor at Brown University and has, among his publications, the following titles: Retrato de Carlos Fuentes (1995), El principio radical de lo Nuevo (1997), Las islas blancas (1966) and the novel Mediodía (1970).