What is the Chair?

The Chair of Latin American Studies Julio Cortázar is an academic space that pays permanent homage to the memory of the Argentinean writer Julio Cortázar, by remembering his literary work, as well as the intellectual commitments that guided him throughout his life. Given this objective, the themes that are discussed in the Chair are deeply related to the concerns of this writer, who knew how to keep in touch with universal culture.


Its purpose is to offer a space in which imagination, critics and reason converge; a space for dialogue and reflection on society and Latin American culture with the goal of contributing to the comprehension of our past and the clearing up of our present. This way, the Chair encourages, stimulates and disseminates new methods for creating culture.


The Chair of Latin American Studies has famous writers and very renowned intellectuals as its guests. The participations of the guests usually respond to two different modalities: a course that is open both to specialists and college students, to which people assist by inscription; and a Keynote Speech that’s open to the public.

Throughout its existence, the Chair has received distinguished figures of the cultural, academic and political area. The guests participate exposing and discussing their points of view according to the studies they are specialized in. Along with their work, they have succeeded in showing up the nature and objectives of the Chair, projected as an interdisciplinary group for the study of Latin American culture, as well as its reality.


The participation of these celebrities has allowed the Chair to gain status as an academic forum, as well as contributing to keep alive the spirit relying in Julio Cortázar’s literary work.


The interest that the sponsors and benefactors have showed towards the Chair has been made clear in its constant interventions and excellent disposition to work within the academic program.